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We are specialist in Illex Argentinus, Dosidicus Gigas, Red Shrimp, Hake and Toothfish.
We are a team with more than 40 years of experience in the fish market. We know the market from all views and we can supply all kind of products to your market.
We have contact with the best producers in order to guarantee the better product for you and for your costumers.

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Our Vision

Offer our customers easy access to products, broadening the base of their suppliers and minimizing their risks.


Our Values

We made simple seafood business and we create value for our costumers

  • Orientation to the success of the client, which reflects a behavior oriented to know, understand and anticipate, their needs, in order to be able to satisfy them adequately.
  • Organization for results, which seeks effective work with clear objectives, milestones and priorities, to obtain a result.
  • Technical competence of our collaborators in the products and services offered by our company.
  • Innovation as our new product development and market opening.
  • Ethics, main and inalienable value in the relationships with our customers, suppliers and collaborators.
  • Respect and recognition towards our clients and collaborators as a basis for the establishment of lasting relationships.

Our Mission

We made simple seafood business.​ Fisheries Overseas LTD Mission is to create value for our customers by providing them, through our experience and knowledge of the fishing sector, high quality business solutions allowing them to access new products and markets that improve the results of their business.

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